Plants really don't care how many Watts your Samsung LED grow lights use. They care only a little bit about how many PFF your grow light emits. Plants definitely DO care about how much PPFD you supply them with. But the most important metric of all (from a plant's perspective) is DLI. Decorative indoor plants might have a DLI requirement of 2 mol/m2/day. Fruiting and flowering edible plants like tomatoes and peppers might need a DLI as high as 20-30 mol/m2/day.

ECO Farm 400W/650W/800W G3 Series Samsung LM301B/LM281B/Samsung 301H Grow Light Chips


1. ECO Farm grows light just consumes about 400W/650W/800W power. High-efficiency PPF LEDs make your cost less but get more.
2. It has a long using lifetime, which is up to 50000 hours.
3. Re-defined & Wide coverage light design, benefit your plants everywhere and let your plants get higher yielding.

ECO Farm 660W/720W Foldable Full Spectrum High Efficacy Samsung 301B LED grow light


1. Using the highest output Samsung 301B LED chips with Osram 660nm chips, Efficacy is up to 2.7umol/J. High PPF is up to 1782μmol/s. Higher PPFD than Fluence/Gavita.
2. Full-spectrum with enhanced red for full-cycle grows.
3. Built-In Driver, just unfolds, plug, and play.

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