Better crops – various trials have shown that Samsung LED grow lights produce better crops in terms of plants getting bigger and growing faster, compared to the HPS lights. Additionaly, LEDs can be made with a spectrum aimed at a specific goal such as anthocyanin accumulation, flowering inhibition, enhanced rooting etc.

ECO Farm YT Series 720W/860W Foldable Samsung Chips Full Spectrum LED grow light bar

Purchased this grow light for my herbs to have proper lighting through the dark and cold winters. Plants had many brown leaves and was no longer flowering. After a few days with this grow light, all plants are recovering with new flowers starting to develop. Since the lights are LED, no harm (burning)is done to the plants. Super easy. Highly recommend this light!

ECO Farm 480W/650W Samsung 301B/Samsung 301H Grow Light Pro Version LED Grow Light Strips

1. Efficient Heat Dissipation, ECO Farm led grow light with aluminum housing provides the high-efficiency heat dissipation, ensuring a longer service life of the led chips.
2. IP67 waterproof grade, make your grow more safer.

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